Here’s what doctors and other health care professionals are saying about Chunyi Lin and Spring Forest Qigong:

“Master Lin is at the top of his field…” ~Michael Zeng, M.D.

“Master Chunyi Lin has developed an easy-to-follow program…” ~Deepak Chopra, M.D.

“Outstanding reputation…” ~Henry C. Emmons, M.D.

“…a powerful approach to human health.” ~Neil Kay, M.D

Master Lin has done what many considered impossible. He has taken 5,000 years of intricate, complex teachings and synthesized them into a system that anyone can learn and benefit from immediately.”  ~ Greg Gerber, MD, Chief of Inernal Medicine, SW Memorial Hospital, Houston, TX

Bill Manahan, M.D. Assistant Professor of Family Practice and Community Health, University of Minnesota Medical School 
I would place qigong equal in importance to the incredible discoveries in the forties called antibiotics and in the fifties called immunizations. I think Spring Forest Qigong is basically the way much of healing will go over the next 50 to100 years. Over this past century, we have focused on looking at a smaller and smaller picture down to the genetic level. It is now time to also move in a different direction and learn more about the bigger picture—the energy—the chi that comprises who we are. It starts with the belief that many of us have that we are basically energetic beings. This belief has been around for centuries, but just recently has it become more popular in America. Qigong can be both healing and curative in its own right, and it can be quite complementary to what we do in Western medicine, whether having surgery or being treated for high cholesterol. Spring Forest Qigong is going to revolutionize the manner in which we look at healing.

On Chunyi Lin and Spring Forest Qigong
[excerpt] … what I really like about his work is that he’s mainly a teacher. And so it’s nice that he’s taking care of individual patients, but he’s teaching thousands of people to within themselves figure out how to do qigong. And that’s what’s really important

Greg Gerber, MD, Chief of Internal Medicine at SW Memorial Hospital, Houston, Texas
On Benefits of Spring Forest Qigong Practice

[excerpt] “The benefits [with SFQ] for most of the people I’ve seen are fantastic—absolutely remarkable. Diabetes, glucose control, hypertension—I’ve seen some folks reversing other longer-standing arthritis—all of these are on the list of what I’ve seen in my clinical practice being reversed. [Dr. Gerber also explains the physiological changes that take place in the body with Spring Forest Qigong that make it so beneficial.]

Frances Gaik, Psy. D., Psychologist, Oak Brook, Illinois, Author of: A Preliminary Study Applying Spring Forest Qigong to Depression as an Alternative and Complementary Treatment.
Extremely effective in the treatment of depression, including bipolar subjects. I have done a full and comprehensive study of the various qigong methods and techniques as part of my research for the qigong/depression study. I have found that the SFQ technique which Chunyi Lin has developed is easy for individuals to practice and yet it incorporates a full spectrum of the various movements for health. I have taught the technique in clinical settings as well and found it was well accepted by both patients and mental health practitioners. The SFQ technique was extremely effective in the treatment of depression, including bipolar subjects, and was especially instrumental in manifesting a greater sense of self and positive connection with the world. I would highly recommend the use of SFQ in the treatment of depression, anxiety, anger management, attention deficit disorder, and to enhance self-esteem.

Neil Kay, M.D., Prof. of Medicine, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, Rochester, Minnesota, Specialties in hematology and internal medicine, Research Affiliate with the Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy Program, Mayo Clinic, Published author of numerous articles on cancer research.
I became acquainted with Chunyi Lin approximately seven years ago when I saw him give a talk at a symposium on breast cancer. Since that time I’ve enrolled in two of his classes and learned a lot about qigong from him. And it is clear to me that Chunyi Lin is a very powerful practitioner of this important method of dealing with human energies. This practice has a lot to offer in that the way qigong is practiced and taught by Chunyi Lin is a very powerful approach to human health. While I could give specific examples of this, I think the most important concept that needs to be kept in mind with qigong is that individuals may practice this for health, for wellbeing, and for prevention of disease. I also know that with time and with research, qigong will likely be shown to have important impact on not just the immune system but on many other components of what we recognize as critical physiologic systems in human health. I hope that I will be able to work with Chunyi Lin in doing some of that research. I also hope that we will see many other research programs throughout this country and throughout the world begin to evaluate qigong in the same way as we have evaluated other kinds of more traditional western medicines. In the end, I’m convinced that we will see important evidence that this is a strong and critical alternative or complementary therapy for humans in the maintenance of health and even in the stabilization of disease.”

Deepak Chopra, M.D., best-selling author of Ageless Body, Timeless Mind and Quantum Healing.
Master Chunyi Lin has developed an easy-to-follow program.
Like yoga, qigong teaches you to balance energy in your body. Master Chunyi Lin has developed an easy-to-follow program that will allow you to incorporate the health benefits of qigong into your daily life.

Bart Main, M.D., Chief of Psychiatry, Human Services, Washington County, MinnesotaMr. Lin’s practice of traditional Chinese medicine, known as Spring Forest Qigong, is exemplary. His respect and straightforwardness with patients upholds the highest medical ethics. His outcomes treating respiratory disease and cancer I have observed to be quite remarkable. Mr. Lin is the most dedicated teacher I have seen in a long time. Mr. Lin communicates clearly and is rapidly developing students into teachers of Qigong.

Henry C. Emmons, M.D., Integrative psychiatrist and author of The Chemistry of Joy and The Chemistry of Calm – books which describe his models for restoring resilience in the face of depression, anxiety and other stress-related conditions. Dr. Emmons developed the Resilience Training Program, currently offered at the Penny George Institute for Health and Healing.
Master Lin has an outstanding reputation as a practitioner and teacher of Spring Forest Qigong, a unique form of this tradition which is especially accessible to the practitioner. People of all ages, from all walks of life, and every level of skill, have taken and benefited from his courses. I have taken two levels of his training. I know of several of my patients who have seen him for qigong therapy with as good results as I have seen.

Michael Zeng, M.D., President Emeritus of the International Institute of Chinese Medicine, Santa Fe, New Mexico, and former Commissioner of the National Certification Commission for Acupuncturists and Oriental Medicine
As both the President Emeritus of the International Institute of Chinese Medicine and as a qigong master myself, I am well-versed in the area of Chinese Medicine, and more specifically, with the qigong community. It is without reservation that I say Master Lin is at the top of his field among qigong masters in the U.S.

Kenneth S. Cohen, M.A., M.S.TH., China Scholar, Adjunct Professor at Union Institute Graduate School, Author of The Way of Qigong: The Art and Science of Chinese Energy Healing (Random House) and more than 150 journal articles. 
Master Lin has extensive experiences in the ancient meditative practices of China. He has presented complex techniques in simple, easy-to-understand terms that can help anyone better control pain and sickness. I strongly recommend Master Lin and Spring Forest Qigong.

Patrick Dougherty, MA, L.P., Licensed Psychologist, St. Paul, Minnesota. 
Spring Forest Qigong is the most remarkable and profound experience of health and healing I have ever discovered. I have searched for many, many years both personally and professionally to find ways to help myself and others bring balance and holistic health to our lives. I found what I was looking for all those years in Spring Forest Qigong. With that first class I knew immediately that qigong had power that other modalities did not because I could feel something different. Then in just two or three weeks I could literally feel the energy. I could feel a lot of it. It is humbling to look back and see the level of mental health I was accepting as normal. That is no way to live.

Marcia Zimmerman, C.N., CEO, The Zimmerman Group, Author published in professional journals including The Townsend Letter for Doctors and The American Journal of Natural Medicine. Author of The ADD Nutrition Solution, published by Henry Holt and Company, New York.
I became acquainted with the work of Chunyi Lin and have experienced first-hand his remarkable healing abilities and work as a teacher of alternative healing methods. His work is extremely important to the health care community and American people. I am recommending Chunyi Lin to my colleagues at Harvard University and John Bastyr University.