Spring Forest Qigong Institute (SFQI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to extending the health and wellness benefits of Spring Forest Qigong to everyone. Founded in 2015, SFQI uses the ancient wisdom of Qigong to inspire wholeness of body, mind,and spirit today.

Our Mission

To optimize wholeness and life force through universal access to the wisdom of Spring Forest Qigong.

Our Vision

A healer in every home, a world without pain and suffering.

Our Values

Integrity – SFQI’s work is conducted for the highest good for all who may be heartened and positively changed by the practice.

Collaboration – SFQI utilizes networks of organizations and SFQ practitioners who are all integral to the shared mission and successful outcomes.

Inspiration – the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

Abundance – SFQI recognizes unconditional love as a resource that is always available to everyone in limitless supply. In this way we are all equal and infinitely abundant and when we give and receive from the heart, everyone benefits.

Compassion – Compassion motivates the work of SFQI as a way to help others heal physical, spiritual, or emotional pain.

Empowerment – SFQI encourages all people to embrace their healing power and inherent health and wellbeing through the practice.

To review our first year accomplishments please see our

Annual Report 2016